General aches and pains


Working all day with computers, long distance driving, traffic jams, commuting, carrying heavy shopping and babies, lifting, DIY, sports, gardening, cycling to work … are all good reasons why we call osteopaths to help us with our general aches and pains



Muscle spasms



Many people can give a specific cause for their muscle spasm: using the gym, lifting their child, sitting at a laptop, driving a long diastance … why not let your osteopath help with these simple muscle spasms.


Some people’s muscle spasms are associated with ‘trapped nerves' (restrictions to full range of movement in your neck or back) … again osteopaths can help.


Some ‘muscle spasms’ such as cramp that comes on in your calf after starting walking and disappears when you sit down need further attention at your GP.



Inability to relax


When your neck and shoulders seem to be constantly tense or your muscles just won’t let you relax, then why not let your osteopath try and help? Michael Comfort, has a special interest in helping people recover from such problems with a combination of techniques that he has tailored for this purpose over 20 years of practice.


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