Neck and shoulder tensions


Many of us develop muscular tensions in our neck and shoulders as a result of our busy lives, stress at work, deadlines, work-targets, stress at home or relationship stress. These muscular tensions can build up, become habituated and develop restrictions to free neck and shoulder mobility. Eventually we need to get something done about it. Osteopaths are perfectly placed to help. Our osteopath, Michael Comfort, has a special interest in helping people recover from ongoing neck and shoulder problems. He uses a combination of techniques that he has tailored to suit this problem over 20 years of practice.


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Neck pain



Resent onset neck pain


Our osteopath, Michael Comfort, has 20 years experience of seeing people with recent onset neck pain. He will give you a thorough assessment and give you his professional opinion on whether you should start treatment with him or seek further investigations via your GP or other healthcare professionals.


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