Back ache



Who hasn’t had back ache from time to time? It can come on very easily: lifting, carrying, housework, driving long distances, long flights, sitting in front of a computer, playing sports, gardening, decorating, studying, carrying your baby - all sorts of jobs and occupations. These are just some of the most common reasons people in Cambridge give our osteopath, Michael Comfort, as to how their backache started. Michael has been an osteopath for 20 years now. So, having performed all the necessary checks, he will start work on your back straight away.


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Back pain



Our osteopath, Michael Comfort, has 20 years experience of seeing people with back pain that started recently. He will give you a thorough assessment and give you his professional opinion on whether you should start treatment with him or seek further investigations via your GP or other healthcare professionals.



If you have recurrent back pain


People who have had successful hands-on treatment (osteopathy, chiropractic or physiotherapy) for their previous episodes of back pain are always welcome at Comfort and Co.



If you have persistent back pain


Michael will take into account any previous episodes of back pain you may have had, previous treatment you have had, his clinical examination findings and many other factors to give you his professional opinion as to whether osteopathy may help you.


(For further information on persistent low back pain of more than than 6 weeks but less than 1 year duration, there is the NICE guideline CG88 which details a suggested pathway of intervention. Osteopathy, together with chiropractic and physiotherapycomes under the description of ‘manual therapy’.)



If you have ongoing back pain


People who know that osteopathy helps them with their chronic back condition are always welcome at Comfort and Co. Or perhaps you want to try osteopathy for your long-term condition: following successful screening 'safety' examinations, Michael, is always interested to try a short course of osteopathy as a ‘trial of treatment’.


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