Why choose our massage treatments?



Our highly skilled team provide one hour professional massage treatments using effective techniques tailored to your own individual requirements.



Our professional massage team


Amanda Cattell


Amanda gained her certificate in Aromatic Sweedish Body Massage from Bond Therapies Training in 2008 with a credit for patient management skills.


Amanda has worked at the clinic for the past 10 years and has accumulated the experience and skills to provide an excellent level of professional massage treatment.



Michael Comfort


Michael graduated as an osteopath in 1997. Massage techniques are taught to a very high standard at all osteopathic colleges. Encouraged by Amanda and David, Michael has provided professional massage treatments at the clinic for the past 11 years to a high level of skill.



David Richards


David has been in practice as a sports massage therapist for over 11 years. David also works in a busy city centre gym and privately as a personal trainer.



Benefits of our massage treatments



Promotes relaxation

Reduces muscular tension

Increases sense of well-being

Increases flexibility and mobility


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Who can massage help?

What problems can massage help?


active people

new mums



work strain





Active people



Cycling, rowing, dancing, walking, using the gym, football, hockey, gardening ...  can all leave you needing a massage. Why not let us tailor your treatment specially for you? Perfect for active people.



New mums



Why not let our experienced, fully qualified staff take the strain?

Treat yourself to an hour of highly-skilled massage in a calm, friendly clinic setting.


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Our massage treatments promote a sense of well-being that may be missing in everyday life.



Work strain



Busy getting on with the job? Look after your tired and aching muscles. A massage treatment here will recharge your batteries.


Office work, especially computer use, often leads to cramped, tight neck and shoulder tensions. Our massage treatment is the perfect way to start dealing with these tensions.






Treat yourself to an hour of highly-skilled massage in a calm, friendly clinic setting. Why not let our experienced, fully qualified staff start to make a difference.

01223 311 271